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Ready to learn - and implement - what it actually takes to grow an aligned business?

Unlock your potential, amplify your message, and get your transformational work into the hands of those who need it!


You're an empowered woman.

You're awesome at what you do, and you understand the power of getting help (because that's what you do for others), and now it's time for you to get the guidance and support you need and want to get to your next level.

It's time for you to get paid what you really want - and deserve - doing the work you were put on this earth to do! And more importantly - in a way that has your body and soul yelling, "F YES!" You know those feels! It's the best, am I right?!

But I see way too many exceptional women doing all the things for their business to take off, not seeing it happen -and questioning if it ever will - and it's because they're not focusing on what they really need to focus on (hint - it's not the "how to")...then burning out with little to no results.

So what's the deal?

>> You're not quite sure of what works and what doesn't work to attract clients. You're doing "all the things", clients come in here and there, and it's is leaving you question your offer, messaging and yourself. You'd love to know what works for you so you can stop throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping it sticks.

>> You easily get caught up in thinking you must use some experts' systems, marketing and sales strategies. It leaves you frustrated because you want to feel free in your business to express yourself authentically, and for this to be what works. The cookie cutter approach is so not you, but sometimes you wonder if that's what you have to do in order to be successful.

>> You get lost in the "how" of building a business and it keeps you from building genuine connections and radiating your brilliance. Stressing about what content to post, your niche, having the perfect elevator pitch, what you need to be saying to "get clients", how many emails to write...wondering why others can get it down, and you're left struggling. 

>> The self doubt keeps creeping in, and it's keeping you from showing up in your power and vibrance (which is actually what attracts aligned clients btw). You may have moments of thinking about quitting, but you know you never will. Your work is powerful af! You know this, and are willing to have faith and figure out what you need to do.

Here's why..

You're here to lead, not follow. You're here to change the game, not just play in it. You refuse to settle, play small, or follow the norm. You desire extraordinary because that is who you are. The world can try to bring you down, so it is important for you fully own your truth, and to be able keep the external noise from creeping in.

Being in your head & logically trying to figure things out, blocks your intuitive inspiration. But when you're in your zone of genius, owning how you work, and living expansively - inspiration flows, your energy is felt, and you become a magnet for clients + opportunities.

You're not here for outdated, one size fits all strategies or manipulative tactics. You're beyond this. You get to lead with integrity + purpose, elevating your presence knowing this is what will attract consistent aligned clients that have you beaming with joy seeing the transformations they get when working with you.

You want to spend time - and energy - being in your gifts

helping people transform their lives (not on constantly learning the ever-changing new trends and strategies over and over again). Learning + focusing on what works best for you, paired with a powerful embodied message that stands out because it has leaves an imprint in people's souls that they never forget. 

Want to do things differently?
IMG_2858 (1).JPG

I'll be honest - it can feel scary to go against what others are doing and saying is "what you must do in order to be successful. It's scary to go against the norm.


It requires an ability to listen to your intuition, discern what is for you and what isn't, trust yourself, and have faith that no matter what you will be okay and it will work out - of course.

I don’t rigidly map out content months in advance, track prospects & leads (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little), follow other people's roadmaps, follow sales scripts and content templates (I do have a ton taking up space in my google drive though), or spend time stressing about what to post.


Because I realized that when we allow ourselves to own who we are, put ourselves in the driver's seat, and experience the f out of life, this is what works.

I've been in this business game for a while. I've grown, evolved, pivoted...and I've invested a lot of money and I-can't-tell-you-how-many hours into my personal growth, along with my business knowledge and skills.


I've experimented with myriad strategies over the years, allowing me to guide you toward an approach that best aligns with you.


I have also worked with a large variety of humans - all unique, with different desires, values, backgrounds, experiences, and current realities.


My job is to help you see your unqiue brilliance, what works best for you where you are, clear out what is not serving you, become an embodiment of who you must be to create the business and life you desire, and make it happen!

You'll also be getting my really fun personality ;)

We'll get down to business and we'll also have some FUN!

If you want someone to help you:

Amplify who you are + your message, have your presence felt on a whole other level, and be a conscious creator whose impactful content comes from fully living life, wisdom & perspective.

Discover exactly what you need to do to attract aligned clients & sell your offers in a way that works for you - and your life - and implement it.

Feel fully connected with your purpose and aligned in your business and (i.e. have a plan and marketing strategy that's invigorating and reflects what you stand for).

Build genuine connections and attract empowered clients that are fun to work - and make magic happen - with.

This is an experience. 

I go beyond Coaching - this is an experience and a partnership where I act as an intuitive thought guide and support for your business, instead of just preaching at you and being a “do as I say” mentor.


Don’t be fooled though - I will be there to ensure you are taking action and succeeding…in a no bs and loving way that also leads to your personal growth.

I'm here to help you see a way to growing your business that is aligned for you and your uniqueness, as well as, what is holding you back from from actually doing what you have to in order to grow your business (i.e. attract clients - you want to work with - and make money).


I'm results-driven so my desire is to help you get results and I'll work alongside you to support you in achieving all it is you *really* want, which most importantly - means living a life that blows your mind, as this is what actually leads to building a successful business!


My clients *always* experience shifts in all areas of their lives, which leads to them doing things they had never previously imagined possible. It's pretty fucking awesome! 


What goes down when we work together....


Have a powerful vision that pulls you

Develop a vision and connect with it so deep that nothing will keep you from making it happen...or even better. Building a business from this place changes the game. Get this down, and watch how everything begins to happen, and blow your mind!

Elevate your presence

Unleash your unique voice & expression, clarify + amplify your message. Create a presence that is felt is stands out from the crowd. You leave an imprint on people, are remembered for who you are and what you stand for. This is how you reach more people (and most importantly - the right people), grow an aligned audience, and be seen as the GO TO in your industry in what it is you want to be known for.

Aligned client attraction

Get clear, confident, and tapped into who you desire to work with, so that you can attract soulmate clients - that also pay you what you want. The way we do this is beyond and deeper than a niche and client avatar. This is about developing deep and genuine connection. It's an energy thing.

Transformative, irresistable offers

You have a way of helping people that no one else can (this is what I refer to as your unique brilliance). Together we will bring this out of you and turn it into your offer(s). Blow clients' minds with the transformations they get. This is when people start seeing extraordinary changes in your clients and ask them, "What have you been doing?" and clients shout about you from the rooftops (hello referrals).

Authentic strategy

Package and position your offers, build a simple + effective marketing strategy, and grow a community around your authentic self. Stop following others' ways, and instead embrace building a business in a way that aligns with your intuition and creativity, and that supports you in growing your business sustainably. Your business gets to be life giving!

Internal power

This is about WHO you be as you take action. It is about embodying beliefs that align with what it is you desire - to feel, be, and have. You can have all the "how to's" but if you don't feel worthy or enough, no amount of strategy will help. We work on getting you fully behind the actions you take, so that you are building a business - and living - from a place of freedom (and it makes this all feel effortless).


Here's how you'll receive support.

1:1 guidance and support, in a safe space where we'll work together with a personalized approach so that your marketing and sales strategy is 100% aligned to you. You'll have my eyes on your unique business and me as an intuitive Coach/partner helping + supporting you on all that comes up as you take action, during our time together. This will save you so much time, energy, and money.

Custom, tailored-to-you trainings, so we can focus on implementation and breakthroughs on our calls.

Personalized activations, visualizations, meditations and trainings as I see fit.  This is a partnership, so this grows along with you.


What results can look like for you.


It's time to fulfill the BIG vision that's been placed on your heart.


Read below and see what feels best for where you are now and where you want to go.

Obviously - the longer we are together, the more we are capable of doing - and the possibilities are limitless!


It also allows us the time to really dig deep, build a solid af foundation, and work on all that inevitably comes up when building + growing a sustainable and aligned business.

Of course you can (okay you will) start to see the results of our work together much sooner, but it can take a bit of time to really get rolling...once you do - WATCH OUT!

And there's nothing like committing to yourself, your dreams, desires, and what you were put on this earth to do!

Having said that, you may have some things already down, and a shorter period may be more appropriate. Or, you may want to sample working with me first before you fully commit with me, and that’s totally fine. You can always add on as we go!

I could be charging $20k....but I'm not :)

Also, I offer very affordable payment plans, with zero interest, that extend out to 18 months.

All in, baby!
9 months

This is for you if you are fully committed to making your business a full-time career, understanding that there is an evolution to this process, and want not only a Coach/Mentor, but an intuitive partner with you along for this wild awesome ride! We will be together as you implement and grow. We will be able to look at what is working and what isn't, make changes, and keep going for more.

This includes:

  • 20 calls (about 60-75 min in length)

  • Access to me in between calls for guidance on what comes up 

  • To-the-point trainings, so we can focus on implementation and breakthroughs on our calls.

  • Personalized activations, visualizations, meditations and trainings as we see fit. 

Investment: $4,500

Payment options available (cost stays the same)

Clarity AF Session

An intensive single session (90min- 2 hr) where we deep-dive into a single challenge, and surface with purpose, clarity and defined next steps. You feel like you're on the cusp of something, want to bring light to what is holding you back, and clear it so you can finally take action. This is an intuitive session combined with Coaching to help you breakthrough fast!

This includes:

  • 1 deep dive call

  • 1 week access to me in between calls for guidance on what comes up

Investment: $275

Making moves, getting paid!
4 months

This is for you if you are want to get the foundational pieces down for your business, get your offers out, get clear on what your roadmap looks like for business success, and take action.

This includes:

  • 10 calls (about 60-75 min in length)

  • Access to me in between calls for guidance on what comes up 

  • To-the-point trainings, so we can focus on implementation and breakthroughs on our calls.

  • Personalized activations, visualizations, meditations and trainings as we see fit. 

Investment: $2,200

Payment options available (cost stays the same)

If you want to say F YES to:

Making more impact than you could ever imagine with your life changing work!

Attracting dream clients and working together on projects that light you both up!

Building a timeless and sustainable business that withstands all of life's inevitable evolutions.

Standing out in your market/industry, and be KNOWN for who you are and what you do.


Having a business that feels easy and effortless, and take action that is aligned with YOU and your strengths.

Experiencing magic & miracles every. single. day + have your presence felt on a whole other level. You walk into a room and people feel that shit. "Wheeeew! There she is!"

What's my next step, Tatiana?

Go ahead and schedule a call with me below to see what is best for you (and if we are a good fit to work this point I'm sure you've decided whether you like me or not, now it's my turn....kidding! But I do want to make sure that what I offer is for you.

I also understand that some stuff can come up when making this decision, especially if you've already invested thousands, have done all the things, and nothing seems to be working, so we can chat about it. I'm here to help and there will be no pushy, slimy, sleezy pressuring crap involved :)

Here is some more evidence of possibility. 
This is for you if:
  • You are an established Coach - health, fitness, life, etc, Wellness practitioner, Doula, Healer, Therapist, other similar service provider, network marketing leader, and feel like you are struggling to get to your next level. You feel that you are on the cusp of something greater, and are ready to make it happen.

  • You want to start your business like those above, but are not sure where to get started AND want to ensure you build a business from a solid place. You want to build an aligned business that is integrity with you, and brings in a sustainable and full time income.

  • You don't expect to have overnight results or a Coach to just tell you what to do that will guarantee results; and are willing to trust the process, execute, test, and refine as needed.

  • You're ready to dramatically increase your impact and income, but not by hustling your ass off to attract clients, or buy into tactics that make you want to pull your hair out.

  • You've done a bunch of course and programs or worked with coaches telling you to do things their way (or that you just have to take bubbles baths and have orgasms to have money flying in), but are done with all of that.

  • You realize that you are so beyond all of the cookie cutter strategies and approaches that are out there, and are ready to be authentic af, do things in a way that feels good for you, and get paid.

  • You are willing to show up, do the work - internal and external, and face challenges with a "How can I improve this?" vs saying, "F this. Nothings works!" and giving up.

  • You're willing to go all in on you, your dreams, desires, and the impact you are here to make.

  • You don't see people as dollar signs, and refuse to do gross, unethical tactics just to make more money.



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