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I'm so happy you're here! Below you will find an array of my most popular masterclasses in various topics, but all with information to help you build an aligned life and business that blows your mind! I share what I have done to build a multi 6 figure network marketing business and multi 6 figure coaching business! It is what I have helped hundreds of women in business with as well to build 6 figure businesses, become best selling authors, podcast hosts, and more.

MOST importantly - I share what has helped them remember who they really are, and to be able to share their TRUTH and magic with the world!

Take a look, see what sparks something in you - whether it be one or all of them - and jump in! ***NO SIGNUPS REQUIRED***

If you desire 1:1 Coaching, check out the "Work With Me" tab for options. Of course please feel free to message me on Facebook or Instagram (I'm at Tatiana Amico on both) or send me an email to

Some things to note about these masterclasses:

There is a sales pitch at the end of these. I was going to take them out, but I've left them in to show you an example of a way to sell. If you'd like a program I talk about, I sell some as a self paced course for a lower investment. You can find them HERE***

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Note - I called this an expansion session vs a masterclass, developed to help you tap into the LEADER you were born to be.


This is for you if:
There is the undeniable feeling inside: I am here to create the shifts! I’m here to help others. 
Even if there is fear or doubt...the feeling is still there, and it comes up over and over and over.

It’s in you. It’s who you are.

But I see so many women who have it in them, not fully tapping in....Shrinking back, playing small, comparing to others, putting others on pedestals...

This is about tapping into that power that is in YOU!

When you do - this is when it feels effortless and it’s FUN!

What I will have your experience in the Born To Lead session will transform how you show up.

It’s how I built an mlm team of hundreds in a few months.

It’s how I built a multi 6 figure business in less than two years.

(And without a huge audience or cold messaging)

>>> Because in order to build an mlm empire, you must BE a leader. People want to join leaders. They trust leaders.

>>> Because people buy from - and join - people who create shifts in them.

If you have read this far, you know you have her in you, so let’s bring the true authentic LEADER in you out!

This is specifically for women looking to go for 6 figures and beyond, with ease and fun by being a woman in her power.

This is NOT about standing out. It’s bigger than that.

This is NOT just about being you. It’s deeper than that.

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I know every woman gets to have all she desires.The fact is we desire more. It’s who we are. Because we know we are here for more.


We have big desires. They are placed inside us for a reason. But it is easier to push them down, and make up reasons why they won’t happen, rather than to decide that they will, and make them happen.


But when we push them down, there is a feeling inside that does not go away (no matter how hard we try).

Instead it's: I get to have all I desire.

During this masterclass I’m going to share how I brought my desires to life & how you can do the same in your life & business.

If you feel like you’re always chasing thing after thing, spinning on the hamster wheel to nowhere, not seeing the results you desire (and deserve), and not feeling like you’re truly living, this masterclass is going to show you how to actually live the life you desire!

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So many get caught up in the how...How am I going to do it? How am I going to make the money? How am I going to build the business? When you get stuck in that mindset, it doesn't work, or worse - the business doesn't feel good.

Instead, imagine coming from a place of ultimate desire. This is what leads to a truly successful business. One that feels effortless, fulfilling, & FUN...and gets you PAID.

One which attracts soul aligned clients, and feels so good!

In this masterclass, I take you through how to do this!

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This is forthe IMPACT driven women in business who: 

  • desires to make money in her business

  • desires to attract dream, soul aligned clients

  • desires a business that is fun, feels effortless, flows

  • knows this is not about getting more tips, just following a strategy, and/or more shiny objects

  • knows she's amazing and can help so many, but it feels like pulling teeth to get anyone to join you, buy from you, become a client...

  • shows up consistently, but doesn't have the sales to show for it

  • has freebie seekers in her inbox

  • looks at others wondering "How does she do it?"

You'll learn:

  • What's needed to have a successful business

  • What makes up a next level brand

  • How to be a magnet for your people

  • What it takes to sell offers effortlessly

In this masterclass you'll learn:

  • How to create an internal state that leads to ease and flow when launching

  • What to do before, during and after the launch

  • The 5 parts of selling your offers with confidence and ease

This is for those of you with service or product based businesses, as well as, network marketers. Is it what I have used to sell fitness/health products, build a multi 6 figure + top network marketing team, and sell multi 6 figures in coaching offers.

masterclasses (4).png

You're done with chasing, pushing, convincing, following unaligned strategies (you can feel it and it doesn’t feel good) fear based marketing...

You're done with feeling frustrated, stressed, exhausted, and not fully living your life because this all feels so hard...

(Just starting? This will save you from all of that)

And it’s not that you aren’t driven, ambitious, and amazing at what you do...It’s that all of this is *not* YOU!

Looking back, I see it.

I see where and HOW the shift happen...When it became effortless to sell (and have aligned, ideal, dream clients showing up, reaching out, and buying effortlessly), and it’s powerful af!

And I want you to see it too. Because it gets to feel effortless and so freaking good!!!

This will CHANGE your business...and your life! Get ready!!


>> It’s when the engagement doesn’t matter. The numbers don’t matter - the number of followers, likes, and comments don’t f’ing matter!!

>> It’s when your ideal people buy before you even launch.

>> It’s when your ideal people reach out and buy. Done and done.

When you realize this, everything changes. Everything!




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