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To my fellow impact driven women who dream of building a business and life that blows your freaking mind....

It. Is. Possible.

Also - if you have moments (okay, maybe it's many moments) of feeling like it's not; and perhaps you feel frustrated with where you are, especially if you feel like for all this time, money, and energy you have put into your business, you should be a lot further are not alone, AND this does get to change.


>>> Build your business in a way that lights you up, and with integrity! This means doing things that give you energy, not drain it....and that when your head hits the pillow at night, you feel good about.


This also means not following the crowd (you don't do this in other areas, the same can be true in your business), doing shady shit and things that make you go, "ewwwww" like fake bff relationship dm's, posting every day on social media & inauthentic posting to go viral, seeing everyone and their mother as dollar signs, using terms like "prospects", "leads", "followers", just to name a few that I personally can not stand.

>>> Attract aligned af, soul mate clients who you just love love love working with, and who shout about you from the rooftops because of the amazing results they get working with you!

>>> Be seen, heard, and known for what you do because you fully own it, and people can feel your passion and certainty in who you are and the powerful work you do!


>>> Actually be present with your family...your kids (I'm not talking about making enough money that now you get to be at home with them. I mean truly truly present -> i.e. not thinking about your business 24-7, and taking pictures with them so you can post them on social media to try and get clients).


It DOES get to be this way.


I have the most incredible women coming to me when they can feel so much inside of them and want to get their magic out into the world, and make a really good income as they do!


But they are at a place of really wanting their business to work and questioning whether it will work.


So we get to work on all that really matters in ensuring they build a business that, not only brings in clients and grows their bank account, but that they actually enjoy!

I don’t just do business how to’s.

And while, yes, you do need to know the external foundational pieces of your business (which we definitely work on) like:

  • Having a timeless brand that people can FEEL, and will withstand any sort of pivots you do because there is evolution involved in this.

  • Knowing who you serve/who your ideal/aligned clients are, and most importantly - who you WANT to work with, and ATTRACT them.

  • Having an offer you love, your clients actually WANT (not what others are doing), and that actually gives them results (when they take action of course).

  • Understanding how to talk about what you do + market yourself clearly and effectively.

  • Being able to sell your offers and get PAID well for your work.

It's the INTERNAL FOUNDATIONAL work that matters most because it affects everything else...and most importantly - how you feel when you are taking all the action, as this is what will be felt by others. And you know as well as I do, that energy does not lie.

THE FACT IS: You can have all the things in place that we’re told to - a pretty website/instagram/etc, show up consistently, put out offers, have a freebie and perfect funnel, book, podcast, and on and on and on…but if inside you're questioning yourself, comparing, wondering if you're good enough [insert all the things]... then it’s not going to matter.


Just like we can drink celery juice, meditate, do yoga, eat organic whole foods all the time, have crystals in our bra, do all the full moon rituals, and still feel like shit because we aren’t taking care of the most important part - what’s really going on inside.

Here's how I know I can help you...

Many many times I have gotten to see how when my clients focus on the most important pieces - the internal foundation paired with the external - in our work together, they make more progress in just a few weeks than they have in the past 6-12 months or even years (seriously -- I’ve had TONS of people tell me this). BOOM.

I'm so happy - and proud - to say that clients have gone from:

>> Hiding their incredible gifts (often not seeing what they were truly capable of, but finally being able to) to shouting about them from the rooftops with confidence and certainty of their ability to help others (peace out imposter syndrome).

>> Having a “side hustle” or “hobby business” to making more than their full time job.

>> Being afraid to share their story to writing best selling book all about their story.

>> Being afraid to ask people to pay them, to people meeting them one time and writing a check right then and there for $3k to work with them.


My clients have gone on to:


>> Develop multiple streams of income for themselves and their families. Once you get that entrepreneurial fire started, you know what you are capable of + what to do, and see possibility…more opportunities starting rolling in.

>> Show up boldly, courageously and unapologetically in their TRUTH and message.

>> Create $20k+ launches, sell out programs and retreats with ease.

>> Host successful binge worthy podcasts, land speaking gigs, be guests on podcasts, in summits, and more.

>> Write best selling books (Their own. Not co-authoring).


And the really really really cool stuff like FEELING what true success actually is, loving the f out of themselves, being truly present with their kids and partners, relationships with partners/parents/etc feeling so much better, leaving relationships that were not serving them, healing their bodies, consistently growing/expanding/evolving, experiencing life in ways they had never imagined, and blowing their own minds constantly with seeing WHO they really are and how life gets to be - a whole lotta FUN!


And I’m here for women who want this!


>> build a business from a powerful af place internally, and stop settling and playing small in your business and life (because it's all connected).

>> stand out in your market/industry (be KNOWN for who *you* are and do).

>> let go of what is not serving you (i.e. what feels like shit), and take action that is aligned with YOU and your strengths.

>> build a strong ass foundation (like you're that 1-building-left-standing-after-an-earthquake strong).

>> be authentic af (because you're not here to perform and influence. You're here to make IMPACT).

>> attract vs chase - aligned - clients. You're a lighthouse baby!

>> have a business that feels easy and effortless vs like the struggle when you're taking off a sweaty sports bra.

Well welcome to my world because this is how we roll in it!

*Side note* I'm not here to sell you yet another strategy that claims to make you 6 figures in 5 minutes. If that's what you want, it's not me. But if you're willing to show up for yourself and for the difference you're here to make in this world, build a business you actually enjoy, and live the f out of life, I'm here to help you do that.

I hear you. I see you.

I had done what society had told me to do that would make me happy like going to school, getting a degree, getting the job, getting married, having kids….But I wasn't and I kept having this feeling of: I know I’m here for so much more than this.


It was a feeling that would not go away, not matter how hard I tried to push it down. So I listened, got certified as a Coach, started my business, and quickly realized it’s not as easy as just putting up a post telling people you can now help them live their best life and expect the clients to come flying in.


All of a sudden I was faced with the mind f'ery of "The HOW" and the shit I hadn't looked at like:

  • fearing what others think of me

  • worrying about losing facebook friends for posting some truth

  • feeling rejected when people said, “No”

  • thinking I wasn’t good enough

  • comparing to every single other person in my industry who seemed to have clients constantly falling out of the sky

  • afraid to ask people to pay me what I really want to be paid (or even the amount I was charging which felt gross because I knew it should be way more)

  • following the ways of some “expert” or “guru” because they seemed to know what they were doing even though it felt so incredibly off for me

  • and the one that hurt the most - not being truly present with my family because I was was constantly thinking of how I could grow my business or what to post next to bring in new clients.

So I decided: It gets to be different and I get to build a a successful business that I love and lights me up, working with amazing clients and doing the most epic work together, getting paid what I want, doing things I never imagined doing (like writing a book, creating transformational programs, speaking, seeing people's faces light up when they have breakthroughs and are doing things they never imagined), and living the life I envisioned! #mindblown


I know it gets to be like this for you too!

It's a decision: I am here to do some pretty cool shit. I am a powerful creator. I get to make a big impact. I get to make a ton of money doing what I love and in a way that lights me up. I get to have build a business and live a life that blows my mind.

Then it's about working on what you *really* need to in order to make that happen!

Ready to do this thing?
I believe that your message needs to be heard, your unique gifts need to be shared with the world, and it's time for you to do what you came to this earth to do, step up and how yourself - and others - what you've got! #OwnIt

I'm here to help you make that happen, and in a way that has you feeling like you just stepped into some crystal clear blue water with palm trees all around you, and the sun shining after being stuck in your house for months freezing cold with barely any sunshine. IYKYK

I also stand for: Conscious leadership, authenticity, integrity, and ensuring that what we put out into the world is actually helping people.

And now for the grand finale....All about ME...
Copy of TATIANA AMICO (11)_edited.jpg

>> I love working out (yes I am one of "them", but I wasn't always), and in particular - I love to box! It is my meditation...btw - don't let anyone tell you that meditation has to look a certain way! It's a place where I am present, can see what I'm capable of, and feel my power - internally and externally (I've been told my hooks will break ribs). It is where so many of my ideas come through.

>> I have 3 awesome kids, who kick my booty some times. I mean - want growth? Kids will help. Also - they've told me I am cool, and before even becoming a mom, one of my biggest dreams was my kids thinking I am cool. I’m joking…maybe.

>> I worked at Target for years, and for a while after, I could not wear khakis or red…looks like they don’t have to wear khakis anymore (I’m happy for them). I also got a taste for what unaligned customers means. Holy crap people can be mean.

>> I love the ocean! I'm Cuban. I was born in Miami, and a big piece of my heart is there.

>> I love to dance (for fun, not professionally)! It's in my blood. I'm pretty sure I came into this world dancing some Salsa, and if a song I love comes on, I will stop what I’m doing and shake my ass - yes, even in Target.

>> Travel lights me up! I’m actually scared to fly (I had an instance one time…), but do it anyway cause I’ve got places to see and experience. I can’t imagine living life without doing this.

>> I often take random drives with no plan or direction, and see where my intuition takes me! And you better believe the beats are bumpin! Sunglasses on and windows down if it's sunny and hot!

>> I've been vegan since 2011 - not for health reasons, but for animals which I have loved from the beginning. This decision is what led to me waking up to all of the conditioning and programming we can succumb to, which ultimately led me to the work I do! 

>> I love decorating and party planning! Thank goodness I have a husband that goes along with all of my house transforming ideas because they happen quite often, and it’s things I am unable to do by myself.

>> I’m about WHO you are, not what you do, what you have accomplished (externally) or what you have. And I can really SEE people - what they are feeling, what is holding them back, and what is possible for them. Intuitive and empath here.

>> I desire to be around people who are authentic (or are working on being authentic). Authenticity is where it’s at. I can smell fake af a mile away. It’s probably why I can’t stand much of social media. It’s also why a HUGE part of the work I do is helping you be TRULY AUTHENTIC (I’m not talking surface level authenticity. It takes some deep inner - continuous - work to do this).

>> I love to have a good time (and no longer need alcohol to do this #win), and I’m totally down to try new things…ask me to dance naked with you in the rain under a full moon? I probably will.

Oh and in case you haven't noticed - I say, "Fuck" a lot! And one of my clients actually told me that this was a selling point for her ha ha ha....So yes - you can swear (or as I like to call it - use passionate language).

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