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I help change makers like you create offers that sell, attract aligned-dream clients, and build a business that has you
lit the f up inside!

Get paid - well - doing the work you were put on this earth to do (in a way that fuels your soul)!


You're a game changer, leader, visionary, and powerhouse! It's time for you to be recognized as such in your industry. This begins with OWNING how YOU do the magical, powerful thing you do to help others, and in a way that leads to high reward both financially & energetically (i.e. lights you the f up)!

Have you been playing small?

Downplaying your gifts and your ability to help others, keeping yourself from shining bright af.

You know deep down that what you offer is meaningful and's life changing, and you want more people to know about you + what you do, but you hold back from fully sharing your magic.

Not allowing yourself to grow and expand. You know there is so much more in have an abundance of untapped potential, and you are wildly capable.

You believe in possibility. You can see it and feel it. You are on the cusp of something next level, but the resistance you feel, keeps winning preventing you from taking the next steps you need - and want - to take.

Getting caught up in the mind f'ery of "The How" - all the information, strategies, tactics - leaving you overwhelmed, confused, and stifling your magic.

So instead of making moves in your business that will make you money and attract *aligned AF* clients, you're left questioning yourself, frustrated, and feeling like "nothing is working." 

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If you desire to be seen, heard, and known for the powerful work you do, you're in the right place!

>> What if you could fully OWN your magic and your power, share it with the world boldly and with certainty knowing what you offer helps others in ways they can not even begin to imagine...and how no one else can't.


>> What if you could cut through the noise, stop thinking you have to be like everyone else, own who you are, find a way that is authentic for you - and for it to WORK...building a business in a way that is in integrity with who you are, your values, and your desires (no you do not have to market and sell in a way that makes you feel gross).

And the best - unlock all of that potential you have inside of you in order to make the impact you deeply desire (and know) you can make?

And what if you could have someone who can give your some direction, support you in all that comes up (so that you stop playing small & safe), help you see *exactly* what is in your way keeping you from growing your business - and instead, build it in a way that has your body lit up like a Christmas tree, attract the "F YES! Take my money" humans and the "omg I love working with this person" clients?

You're really fucking good at what you do! People should definitely know about you, hire, you, and shout about you and your awesomeness from the rooftops!

Hi! I'm Tatiana Amico, and I help IMPACT DRIVEN women like you learn how to grow your business so that you can do what you were put on this earth to do (and it’s sure as shit not doing some job because you were told the lie that getting a degree and a job was “it”...or all the other bs we have been programmed to believe *insert 3 hr rant ha ha*)!


But even more, I help you do this in a way that feels energizing, and is aligned to YOU.


After all, you are not like everyone else. Let’s ensure that you show up shining bright af as your unique, authentic, brilliant, and extraordinary self in order to attract soul aligned clients and build your business in a way that lights you up!


Because it is your light and vibrance that will attract - not some logical, analytical, traditional brain-based marketing strategy.

Face it - you’re beyond that! Own It.


In this space we do things in a way that amplifies YOU, and that leads to growing your bank account, while doing work that is deeply fulfilling.


Expect - not only for - you to be doing the transformational work you were put on this earth to do, your business to explode, and to be seen as a powerhouse, leader, badass, change maker, visionary…all the things…but to also experience magic and miracles every single fucking day! 


Because in my world, building a business is not just about impact, clients and money, it’s about building a life that blows your mind!!

Want to experience more impact, freedom, fulfillment, and fun in your business?
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