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Ever wish you could just have someone show you exactly how to create an offer that sells?


Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, or watching endless boring videos (from yet another course) on what to do & still wondering why you're not getting the sales you want...


Ready to create an offer that attracts your dream “Hell yes! Let’s do this now” clients (i.e. sell the sh*t out of it)?

Do you have a unique gifts to offer the world, but feel like your transformative work is going unnoticed, and not selling the way you know it should?

I know that you have something extraordinary to offer...something that no one else can.


Together, we'll uncover the essence of your gifts and craft it into an offer that not only resonates deeply with your dream clients, but also, sells!

We'll unveil your true potential and mold it into an irresistible offer that speaks directly to your audience's hearts.

No more settling for mediocrity. No more messing around with endless courses that lead nowhere. No more constantly creating content without sales.

It's time for action, tangible results for you, and transformation for your clients. Boom.

What You'll Experience:

Aligned Clients: Say goodbye to chasing after clients who don't appreciate your value. The work we do together is designed to help you attract aligned humans who recognize the power of your work and are willing to invest in it.

Effortless Sales: Tired of struggling to make sales? With my proven techniques and support, selling your offer will feel effortless. I'll help you communicate the value of your offer in a way that resonates deeply with your audience + how to position it leading to more sales and greater impact.

Clarity and Confidence: No more confusion or doubt. The work I do is designed to give you clarity, confidence, and certainty in what you offer. You'll gain the tools and knowledge you need to put your offer out there with ease and certainty.

Visibility & Recognition: Stand out + be known for the work *you* do. A strong offer that resonates with your target audience increases brand awareness and recognition, helping to establish you & your business as a trusted and preferred choice for those looking for what you offer.

Clients Getting Kickass Results: This isn't just about making money. It's about making a difference. With my guidance, you'll not only create a profitable offer, but also one that transform lives in the process. Make a whole lotta money while doing the work you were put here to do, and helping others which is what you really want to do!

You have something incredible to offer. It's time to get it into the hands of those who need - and want - it + grow your business

Here's how you'll create your offer that sells:

1, 1:1 call with me where we will create your aligned & irresistible offer. With personalized guidance & strategic support you'll have everything you need to create you offer AND actually do it!


Say goodbye to cookie-cutter approaches, and a bunch of information that leaves you overwhelmed and stuck.


Instead, receive personalized guidance in creating your offer & ensuring you have every single necessary aspect that will attract dream clients AND actually sell. 


3 days of post call email support. To be used in case any questions arise in regards to what we create on our call.


If you're ready to unleash your magic, attract aligned clients, and make a real impact with your work, let's do this! Let's turn your transformational work into income.

Price: $347. Limited spots available.

Note: Look for an email from me within 3 hrs of purchase.

Want ongoing support for 30 days to help you with taking next steps like actually putting it out there to sell, where and how to start marketing your offer, and the mind f*ckery stuff that can come up when you do?

IMG_9064_jpg (1).jpg

Hi! I'm Tatiana Amico and I'm an Offers Master, and I help women master their offers so that they not only create offers that are aligned af for them, are a magnet for dream clients & customers, but also sell!

I made over 7 figures by creating offers around: products, courses, programs, and my book. I have also created many offers around freebies like masterclasses, mini courses, & more to grow my audience & email list with an aligned audience.

And I have helped women do so as well. I have had clients unable to sell their services for months and years, to making more money than they could have imagined within months with me.

I've had:

  • a client go from 0-7 clients in 2 months.

  • a client struggling to have any pay her for her services to making $10k in a few days, and in only a few weeks of working together.

  • clients sell out programs, 1:1 services, & retreats, growing their network marketing teams, and more.

I've had many clients realize they've been playing small with what they actually do, and begin to step into their power and own their gifts...then go on to build businesses doing what they're actually here to do.

And so much more!

For all of them - we did the work on their offers that we will be doing together. 


You have something incredible to offer. It's time to get it into the hands of those who need it.

What results can look like for you.

  • I already have a course, program, 1: offer, etc, so how will this help me? An offer goes far beyond the product or service. Together we will ensure that you have every single piece necessary to put out - not just the product or service - but all it takes to attract aligned humans who will pay you!

  • Do I have to have a course, program, etc to do this? Nope. I do ask that you at least have an idea, but one of my gifts is helping you see what it is YOU offer this world and the unqiue way that you do it, and then how to actually provide what you offer. I also have years of experience in creating 100's of courses, programs, books, & offers around products for myself, as well as, helping 100's of women create theirs.

  • But I've already taken programs and courses on this? There is a big difference between being told what to do in a cookie cutter approach + having a bunch of information thrown at you that is overwhelming af vs having someone asking you the RIGHT questions for you, and helping YOU directly. You WILL get this done during our time together. **This being said - I'm not going to do it for you. This is for the woman who is ready to show up, get it done, and do what it takes.

  • Will this work for me if I'm a network marketer? Heck yes!! Creating an offer around your products and building a team is huge! This is how I built my network marketing business to over $800k and was in the top 1% of my company in less than a year...and I'll tell you right now - how I do it is *not* being done by your upline or company.

  • Will you help me launch my offer? This is *only* to create your offer. While what we do will help you with parts of what you need to launch, I'm not helping with that. If you do want support and strategy for launching (or anything else), we can talk about a coaching/strategy package that is right for you. You can also add on on 30 days of voxer to see the magic that happens with ongoing support.



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