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Find yourself
thinking things like: 
"What am I doing wrong?" or
"I'm doing all the things, but nothing is working", "I should be have way more sales", when it comes to your business?

Would you love to have someone - who is able to see exactly what you can shift right away to get more sales - take a look at your business & tell you what to do to fix it?



Are you having trouble making sales on your course, program, product, sign ups to your email, free events/masterclasses, etc? Or don't have as many clients as you'd like? Then this is for you.

Once you sign up for your Business Breakthrough, here's what will happen:

You'll be sent a form to complete to help me get a full picture of what you want help with.

Once I receive your information and go over it, I will record a video of me going over everything you need. I will be sharing my screen as I look over all you share with me (website, socials, offers...whatever you have), and I will be providing any feedback that is necessary in order for you to have your Business Breakthrough, as I do***

I'll use my 10+ years of business experience to give you guidance on how to grow your business, what to focus on (to save a you a ton of time, money, and energy) as you continue to grow, and anything else that comes through for me to share with you as I do this.


I'll also be using my intuition as I go through to give you even greater guidance as I tap into what I see + feel is best for YOU - and what could be limiting you (it's pretty cool to see what comes through).

Your custom - tailored to you - video will be sent to you within 48 hours of receiving your completed form. 

***I understand that this can feel vulnerable & a bit scary, but I want your to know that I'm simply here to help (and I've also felt that + asked for help when it was very scary, and it has helped me tremendously - in bis & life). No judgement from me. Just straight up love and really wanting you to experience how your business gets to be! I got you! xo, Tatiana


Think of Business Breakthrough as taking your business to a healer.


This is your chance to have my eyes - and heart - on your business to see what's on the surface that needs a shift, and what's underneath that needs to be brought to light, so you can breakthrough in order to have the powerful expansion and uplevel!

But also be told exactly what is in the way to have your business functioning & flowing better, so you can make more sales, book more clients, and anything else you are wanting for your business.

When I work with clients, this is something I do, and when they act on what I share with them, I've had:

  • a client go from 0-7 clients in 2 months.

  • a client struggling to have people pay her for her services to making $10k in a few days, and in only a few weeks of working together.

  • clients sell out programs, 1:1 services, & retreats, growing their network marketing teams, and more.

Price: $47



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