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Who I am

Hmmmm...How do I sum this up on a page? I can't, but here is some info :)

I’ve been in a place of living from the “shoulds” and feeling the pain from that. 

I know that feeling of: There is so much more inside of me, but just feeling stuck. 


I also know what it feels like to uncover what you really desire + see & feel what is

possible for you, going after it, making it happen, and see the ripple effect when you do.

Women come to me because they know they are here for more - as in they have so much

more in them. They feel it. They have a deep desire to serve and help others...


To create change in this world. This is not easy. A lot comes up as they do, and together we ensure they have the capacity to make it all happen! 

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And I know that on this journey, there are many challenges, ups and downs...and walking

through many many fires.

This is a journey of uncovering, unraveling, discovery and remembrance of who you are.

It is one of awakenings and healing. 

And for me of knowing: I AM ENOUGH.

Inspired by my own intense journey of building a brand & businesses, being a Coach & Mentor, and a mom...and feeling stressed, burnt out and overwhelmed...I developed my Authentic Power Process. It's not a blueprint or "how to" be successful. It is designed to help you discover YOU - your gifts, uniqueness, truth - and to be able to live a life of INTERNAL freedom.


I recognized that although I thought I was going after what I wanted, I wasn't from a truly authentic place. There was a continuous pattern of chasing and needing more - Nothing was ever enough. I was never enough - not feminine enough, spiritual enough, smart enough, biz savy enough, etc. And then looking to others for all of the answers, I discovered what I wasn't doing - taking a deep look at ME. 

That wasn't happening with reading personal development books, listening to podcasts, going to events, doing program after program....AND focusing on business growth. I had to turn the focus on me and go all in on me. To find my authentic power.

When you do, life is different. It feels different.


Then you and your essence are felt in a whole new way.

This led to creating my Authentic Power Process.

This work has helped my clients gain clarity on what they truly desire, let go of what is not for them that they kept pushing (like a business/way of doing business, relationships, and more), listen to + trust themselves, and take aligned action towards what they want and are here to do - like start new businesses/pivot their business, feel good in their jobs + own and bring their uniqueness to what they do, thrive at home (many with large families), write best selling books, launch podcasts, create offers they love using their gifts to help their people, and more!

All of that from a place of PEACE and sustainability.

Because life is not about reaching a goal or a certain status. It’s about being able to LIVE fully, easily, and effortlessly as YOU.


We work together we go beyond mindset, limiting beliefs, aligning chakras, energy work….We get to the root of all that comes up, so you experience massive breakthroughs and transformation.


I use my technique, intuition, and channeling abilities to help you achieve the success you desire in your personal life and business.

It is where I assist you into pulling out what has been pushed down, keeping you stuck in patterns and cycles that are not serving you, rapidly release inner limits, so you begin to operate completely differently. Feeling like a weight has been lifted...feeling liberated, in your power, and aligned.

This leads to making real impact and leading from a place of integrity and authenticity.

I've worked with many different client. All incredible in their uniqueness! All with different backgrounds and businesses. But all have 1 thing in common - they want to make an impact!

Health coaches

Fitness trainers

Life coaches

Relationship coaches




Boutique owner


Massage therapists

Energy workers


Network marketers

Wellness center owner


Human design expert

Other service based businesses

Helping them to show up for themselves, their desires, their mission and vision.

Remembering who they are and what they have inside of them. Accessing their unique brilliance. Owning this.


Sharing their message. Helping. Serving. Impacting.

And all that comes with this!


It’s all just so f*cking cool seeing what they’ve done and are doing. The impact they’re making. The ripple effect everywhere (including in their own homes)!

I'm also...

A wife and mom to 3 amazing kids, who also kick my butt sometimes. Whew!


A daughter to a single mother and Cuban refugee.

A best selling author. Podcast host. And I have built 2 multi 6 figure online businesses.

I love to dance, box, and take drives with no clear direction...seeing where my intuition takes me.

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